Dream Split

by Hoop

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Split cassette from Hoop & Gar Pal with poetry from Leena Joshi!


released June 11, 2015

Real --
Written by Santiago
Santiago: Guitar and vocals
Joshi: Drums
Roberts: Guitar

Everyone Can Read My Mind --
Written by Joshi, Roberts, and Santiago
Joshi: Drums and vocals
Santiago: Bass guitar and vocals
Roberts: Guitar and vocals

Void Touch --
Written by Roberts
Roberts: Guitar and vocals
Joshi: Drums and vocals
Santiago: Bass guitar

Ocean --
Written by Santiago
Santiago: Guitar and vocals

Wound Tight --
Written by Roberts
Roberts: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, yamaha dx7
Santiago: Vocals
Joshi: Vocals

Tracks 1-3 were engineered by Luke Bergman and mixed by Briana Marela at the Womb Room.

Track 4 was engineered by Luke Bergman.

Track 5 is a home demo recorded at the Womb Room by Caitlin with mixing help from Briana.


tags: pop Seattle


all rights reserved


Hoop Seattle, Washington

soft rock band expressing the feelings we get from knowing people, learning about the world we
live in, and making our own worlds

ig: @hooptheband



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Track Name: Everyone Can Read My Mind
There's a week where I remember
What it felt like to be lovin you
Accidentally nostalgic
All these words fit in my hand still

People listen to the radio
And to subtleties we're sending out
Spheres of influence are sloppy now
Setting boundaries with your TV

As I watch life go, I try to lose control
Make mistakes and learn to love them
Sex on repeat, middle of the street
Wanting you, wanting now

In uncertain times before I knew you well
I tried to notice when you felt bad
Often, I was wrong -- I would guess and chase the truth
A softer substance than you show me now

I'm asleep inside a tide pool
I'm alone in a wood paneled room
We're alarmed but understanding
More alive with every moon that's full

Everyone can read my mind
Leaving me exposed to loving
Making it easy to fall for you
I can let go of your hand now
Track Name: Void Touch II
His touch is void
Won’t deceive me
Harm free
Inside back out
Stretching to the ceiling
Too loose a tie
Ends are wearing
To lean, to be
A resource to depend on

He keeps far from
My diary page three
Is blank to keep
Hounds from reading
Rewrite the lines
Ruin the ending
The verse, it sticks
Empathy to blind curves

Wasn't built into that timeframe
See the distance getting better
Unconditional understanding
Take out screen door weather permits
Track Name: Wound Tight
Nearly a year, inside of my head,
A voice says, "Why so confident?
Your flawed reason's so short-sighted,
and it seems like you have no base,
no sense of foundation."
Wanting someone who knows me well.
Diss my natural style and ask me to be unimpeded --
that makes it hard for me to truly open.

A mean voice says
You can do better
A man's voice says
Give me the guitar
A mean voice says
I play it better
A man's voice says
Why'd you write that song

I was hurt, I was split down the middle
A dead dead dead tree, hit by lightning
Coming back slowly from paralysis
I'm sure I will heal, because I want to

A mean voice says
Stop trying to make jokes
A man's voice says
You don't have to make jokes
A mean voice says
I don't think you get mine
A man's voice says
You act like you're on drugs

It was dark, it was shadowy, scary
A dead dead dead dream, very frightening
A time when I believed the words he used to cut me down
I want to heal and write songs again

I noticed
My anger
Out of focus
And silenced
Brought forward
From shoulder blades
Out through my throat
Out through my nose
Nostrils flare
Course through deeply
Thorough anger
Thorough outrage
Thorough temper
Thorough courage