Super Genuine

by Hoop

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Super Genuine is a soft rock album for people who are sorting out unhealthy power dynamics, whether it’s with a friend, a partner, a family member, an authority figure, or the dystopian reality we all live in.

  Hoop began as a recording project between songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Caitlin Roberts (Tool, The Berries, Autococoon) and Nich Wilbur (New Issue) at Wilbur’s studio The Unknown in Anacortes, WA, while Roberts was living around the block from the studio in 2014. The recording exhibits sparse yet driving instrumentation and calm distortion, iced with Roberts’ moody, deliberate vocal performance, and Allyson Foster’s (Mount Eerie, LAKE, Stephen Steinbrink) hi-fi ear-candy vocal cameos.

  'Super Genuine' begins blithely with the juicy alt-rock of “Marlin Spike,” which eases into the lightweight riff of “Good Dregs,” and then enters “Baseboards,” a sprawling power ballad in which Briana Marela (appearing courtesy of Jagjaguwar Records) delivers a nearly-a-capella drone outro where she speaks of an isolating intimacy: “You hold me / in a way that / pushes me / away.” By the end of the first half of the record, the emotive undercurrent has only tugged at the listener’s toes. The songs on Side B are deeply personal and startlingly vulnerable. The arc of the album details Roberts’ struggle to trust her instincts, stand up for herself, and be authentic in a toxic relationship.


released May 19, 2017


all rights reserved



Hoop Seattle, Washington

soft rock band expressing the feelings we get from knowing people, learning about the world we
live in, and making our own worlds

ig: @hooptheband

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Track Name: Marlin Spike
you are a blade
sharp enough
to carve my densest stone
you’re a marlin spike, a marlin spike
you loosened the knot, you loosened the knot

you carved up
your voice
you had to tell me the way around your weakness
instead of finding the reason for your hardship

I held the note
the road it took to me
I held the note
a deeper breath but still no rest

you warmed up
your voice
you had to tell me the way around your weakness
you hate to tell me you’re scared to lose me
you hate to tell me you really need me
you hate to admit you’ve changed
Track Name: Good Dregs
I had nothing to say
when our eyes met from far away
hands drumming on your thighs
and the space between your eyes
you’re everybody’s face
you keep reminding me
of the taste of air in my mouth
and the birds in the south

cabin by the park
the steward of the springs
told us to find our own meaning
and to grow our own wings
we have come so far
learning who we are
can’t turn you down
you’re the only one around

it’s a ripe time
to learn something new
to learn new
ways to love you
Track Name: Baseboards (feat. Briana Marela)
there’s a break in the feeling
and I’m positive, I’m positive
I can go no further
speaking sign language to a blind man
I am caught in the distance
of your callousness, your cowardice
I’m the only one who chooses
every time I throw a stone

I’m not trying to break you
I’m just trying to break away
I’m not here to please you
nothing could make me stay
I fought for you when I knew
you wouldn't do the same for me
I won’t be good in your neighborhood
I’m your girl who got away

I would sleep on the edge of
your high-end Thermarest
in my linen dress
I could tear myself to pieces
wishing you would comfort me
lean my bare back on the baseboards
feeling gullible and vulnerable
take your ring back, take your things back
you can’t hurt me anymore

it’s more than I can take
it’s more than I can give
we’re not bound to go through with this
this is no way to live

I’m not trying to argue
I’m saying what I have to say
I’m not trying to break you
nothing could make you tame
I lied to you when I said there’s nowhere I’d rather be
you’re an honest man with a decent plan
and you’re not the one for me

you hold me in a way that pushes me away
I want you to hold me in a way that pushes me to be more like I am
Track Name: Send Purpose Down
second story
window light
lenses to shade
eyes from the sun
swell of longing
to feel close
will you limit
or lighten my growth

you bathe in salt
I ride the flood
no need to think
run just because
a call from my form
is stronger than my
constant response
to thoughts in my mind

bandage appears
before wound
feign to defend
what I offer
follow someone
else’s path
frustrate urges
deny my needs

try to be tough
pre-emptive shroud
my instinct's to guide
not be my own guard
my motion holds
your empty weight
send purpose down
below silent wake
Track Name: Skiptracer (feat. Briana Marela)
in a safe place, nothing but free time
I let myself get carried away
staying up late doing projects
I can’t sleep cause I’m excited for the next day

come on Michael slow down
remember why you chose to come
you have no excuse son
you have got to make time for everyone

surrender yourself
and at the same time
explore yourself
tend the fires that made you

in a strange place, not on my own time
I’m sweetly weak and sore to the bone
when the day’s done, I have no problem
passing out hard, ‘cause I’m preparing for the next round

come on Michael slow down
embrace the way you chose to come
temper your aggression
cameras down, you’ll miss the motion

bend your world
and at the same time
learn your world
tell me when you’re hurting
Track Name: Drawn to You
swam to the other side
paddled back dry
built a bridge to drive
cruised along
looking out, vapor is rising
I heat up when you're around
take what you want, working in retail
we’re creeping out and leaving town

I want this for no reason
you're beside me, I'm unsettled
feel a pulse up in my temples
blood consumes my brain
give in to the pull
cast off what makes me stall
yeah you're the one I'm drawn to
you're witness to my fantasy

hooked by a heated line
roused deep will
let my instinct guide
it can’t be wrong
blushing skin, reaching for contact
knees quake, touching the ground
breaking in, act on a feeling
frenzied when I’m locked out

when you hold back your attention
check and balance your exertion
hide interest, use caution
how can I relate
living by our weird moods
super genuine
yeah you're the one I'm drawn to
I can't control my fantasy
Track Name: Not by Care
falling fever
bearing raw gums
teething kindness
crying lavender
spilling color
breathing your sound
leaving torment
renew sureness

completed by surroundings
not by care

to seek warm touch
to believe strongly
to dig through snow
to sense my drive
vision grainy
reflex reeling
dark sky waking
longest morning

I’m whole
I fill me
with patience
not with mirrored joy
the inside

bending blindly
supple hand
Track Name: Void Touch
his touch is void
won’t deceive me, harm free
inside, back out
stretching to the ceiling
too loose a tie
ends are wearing
to lean, to be
a resource to depend on

he keeps far from
my diary, page three
is blank to keep
hounds from reading
rewrite the lines
ruin the ending
the verse, it sticks
empathy to blind curves

was not built into his timeframe
see the distance getting better
unconditional understanding
take out screen door, weather permits
Track Name: Folded Impuse (feat. Allyson Foster)
stayed overlong
exhausted reserves
timely return
to center ground
when I check my display
it’s the end of the song
and for you
deliberate pause

lighting a match
to keep warm won’t do
for the rest of the night
fires drained
try to ignore
persistent approach
pressure increased
patience tried

when you push, I draw back
then you hide and I want more
you can’t give me quality
and I draw a finer line
when you push, you trespass in
I can’t learn to say no
I light match after match and find
no way through, my root retracts

making a chart
to keep track of the risk
file away
a folded impulse
a delusion, a draw
a major expense
now I retreat to get
focus back
Track Name: To Know Your Tone (feat. Allyson Foster)
spacious surface stays dry
if you don’t ask for help
share your message, honest
I can keep it near

what draws you back eastward?
people? landscapes? climate?

you want something different
or one place that holds true
I offer quiet labor
and peaceful gesture to soothe, to soothe defenses

and I’m feeling bad for the moment
I’ll be alright before you know it
lend me your hand, I won’t hold it in
or hold you under when I’m feeling

anxious; often
I have to focus
to listen to know your
Track Name: Bask in Easy Tone
water to rinse my hands
blessing my fingertips
this morning I feel like
I have no history
long look, slow reply
offer turns warning
sent away my goodbyes
what could come tonight?

false bay through the lens
and air like wine
use the leverage you
were born to

driving around the bend
deserting a figurine
bury beneath the soft stone
reasons requirements
I am basking in my
easy tone
keeping still and I’m
free to go

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